О проекте

About the project

What is the goal of the project? Who can use this site and for what?

Our goal is to give each pupil an opportunity to attend a good lesson of a good teacher at any time. On the site, you will find VIDEO-lessons of the main subjects of school program.  Their format allows making school education more diverse and complete:

• Pupils can catch up on materials from missed lessons almost “live”.

• Teachers can attend “open lessons” of their colleagues.

• For parents it is a way to find out what and how their children are learning in school.

• For home-schooled children it is an imitation of a school.

• In some schools it is a temporary solution to the problem of teachers’ absences due to illness or for other reasons.

 What is a video-lesson?

A video-lesson is a lesson on a topic from the school program, recorded on video and illustrated with graphics.

Why are video-lessons for certain subjects not available on the site?  Why are there no lessons for lower school?

Our site was created recently (in December of 2009), we haven’t had time to cover all school subjects and all grades yet.

In the nearest year, we plan to record lessons for the main school subjects for grades 6 through 10.  Then we will start recording lessons for other grades.  

How are the site’s materials verified?

The teacher that prepared and conducted the lesson and reviewed the final video-material is entirely responsible for the quality of the lesson.  Our teachers are experienced professionals that teach at the best schools. 

Some teachers make mistakes and inaccuracies! How do you deal with that? Typos and inaccuracies can be seen in common textbooks that pupils use for many years as well. We try to find and correct mistakes as soon as possible.  It is much easier to do on the internet – first of all, there is quick feedback from the site users (pupils, parents, teachers send us notifications of mistakes by email), second, to correct them we don’t need to “reprint the entire edition of textbooks” – we just have to make corrections to the video file once.

Thanks to the possibilities of the internet and feedback from the site audience, we are constantly improving our lessons. 

Are you going to improve the quality, form and content of the lessons you already recorded?

Right now we are recording the main video base for all subjects and are adding colorful graphics to each lesson.  The next step is to make the lessons interactive (with non-linear story, with references to additional materials in the course of the lesson. See example). In the future we plan to be on par with the fast developing computer and internet technologies – to use interactive videos, educational computer games, tests to check the understanding of material, communication with the teacher in real time, etc.   

Some teachers, despite their indicated high proficiency, cannot present the material very well – they constantly look at their notes, speak “without expression”, etc.  What is the problem?  How do you plan to solve it?

To “work with the camera” properly is a difficult task even for an experienced teacher.  The teacher can be a great “theater actor” (can explain the material in a classroom very well), but not a “movie actor”, who will be just as professional in a video recording.

We are looking for professional teachers able to work with the camera well, and we are improving material presentation with their help.  If you can recommend someone, write to us!

Videos play back slowly on my computer, the player often flashes the word “loading”.  What can be done to make the video faster?

The video can be slow for the following reasons:

• your computer internet connection speed is not high enough (our videos play without glitches at a speed of 2000 Kb/s);

• an old operating system is installed on your computer (our site is designed for computers with operating systems Windows 2000 sp4, Windows XP sp2 and Windows Vista and with browsers Internet Explorer 6 and higher, Firefox 2.x, Opera 9.x, Chrome);

In order to watch a video on a slow internet connection, after the video starts playing, pause it and wait a few minutes (a part of the video will load into your computer memory).  Then continue viewing by pressing the “play” button.   

Who is the sponsor of the project?

Our sponsor is a private person.  If you want to help the project, email us at: info@univertv.ru

What are your relations with the government?

Our project is completely a private initiative.

Is your project commercial?

At the moment, all site materials can be accessed for free.  The project can become commercial in future, but it is difficult to say right now, when and how such transition will happen. 

How can someone participate in the project?

If you want to take part in the site’s development, you can do it in one of the following ways:


Send in video recordings of lessons and demonstrations, electronic presentations, animated illustrations, etc.  We will be glad to put them up on the site, indicating the author.


• Suggest a good teacher. To do that, you have to write a few words about him to krilova@univertv.ru. If you send in not only a description, but also 2-3 minutes of a recorded lesson (even on a cell phone camera), we will especially appreciate it. Then, if our evaluation coincides with yours, we can (with the teacher’s consent) either help you organize the taping of his lessons or record them ourselves.

Write a comment on the form and content of video lessons, suggestions to improve the work of the site, implement new functions, etc.  We will definitely consider all comments and bring the best ideas to life.

• Fill out our questionnaire.  This will help us make the site more convenient.

• Place a review or just a link to www.School.UniverTV.ru on your website, in your blog or just send a link to the site to your friends and colleagues!

We invite you to participate in our project and are open to any suggestions.

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