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A collection of video lessons on the basic subjects of the school curriculum - continuously updated, with open access and no advertisements.


Who needs the site and what do they need it for?

Students can experience the material from missed lessons almost "live".

Teachers can view their colleagues' "open lessons".

For parents the site is a way to find out what and how their children are being taught in school.

For children learning at home it is a way of sharing in the school experience.

In schools it is a solution to the problem of temporarily absent teachers (due to illness, for example).


Can I find lessons on any subject on the site?

Currently we are filming video lessons from classes 6-10:

From September 1, 2010, video lessons will be available on the site in algebra, geometry, Russian language, history and physics;

From November 1, 2010, video lessons will also be available in literature, biology, chemistry and geography;

In the long-term we plan to film video lessons for juniors and students in class 11 and to recreate lessons using the latest technology.


How will the video lessons be updated? What does the site offer visitors in addition to the video lessons?

At present we are filming the basic video lessons, following standard textbooks and adding graphics where appropriate. The next step will be to make the lessons interactive (using non-linear subjects and links to additional materials available directly in the course of the lesson. see example). In the future we will stay current with the quickly developing sphere of computer and internet technology, incorporating interactive video, educational computer games, assessment tests based on the materials studied, real-time interaction with teachers and so on.


Are experts taking part in the creation of the video lessons? How do you ensure the quality of the material on the site?

The teachers are fully responsible for the quality of the lessons which they prepare and teach, and they themselves review the finished video material. Our teachers are experienced professionals. Their high levels of achievement are recognized by their colleagues and students and serve as a guarantee for the quality of their lessons. Furthermore, we take into serious consideration the remarks of specialists who visit the site.


Sometimes teachers make mistakes or inaccuracies appear in their work. How do you deal with these situations?

Unfortunately mistakes happen. Users of the site help us find such mistakes and we correct them as quickly as possible.


Some teachers on the site are not very interesting – they're always checking their notes and speak with no expression. What is the problem? Do you plan to deal with this issue somehow?

Performing well in front of a camera is difficult. It is well known that even many fine theatre actors cannot work well on camera. The same goes for teachers. They are accustomed to working in the classroom environment and it can be difficult for them to adjust to video presentation. All the same, we try to find teachers who are comfortable in front of the camera.


Who sponsors the project?

Our sponsor prefers to remain private. If you would like to support the project, please write us at info@univertv.ru.


What is your relationship to the government?

Our project is a completely private initiative.



How can I participate in the project?

If you want to contribute to the development of the site, you can do so in one of the following ways:

Submit video lessons and demonstrations of experiments, electronic presentations, animated illustrations, etc.

Refer good teachers to us. To do this, just write a few words about the teacher and send them to: krilova@univertv.ru. We will be particularly grateful if you not only send a description of the teacher's skills and qualifications, but also a 2-3 minute video sample of their teaching, even if it's recorded using your cell phone camera. If the teacher proves suitable, then with his/her consent we can help you organize the recording of the lessons, or we can do it ourselves.

Submit an illustration (or a link to it) for any of the lessons in the school curriculum.
Leave comments regarding the form and content of video lessons, make suggestions for improving the site, request new features, etc. We will carefully consider all suggestions and incorporate the very best ideas into our site.

Complete this questionnaire, expressing your wishes regarding the structure and content of the site. This will help us make the site more convenient for you.

Post a review or simply our link (www.interneturok.ru) on your site or blog, or send our link directly to your friends and colleagues.

We will be glad to place appropriate material on the site, noting the author and expressing our gratitude for the contribution.


On my computer the video lessons play very slowly and the player keeps flashing the word "loading". What can I do to prevent this?

Video lessons may play slowly for the following reasons:

Your internet connection is not fast enough — for uninterrupted performance, our video materials require a minimum speed of 2000 kb/s.

You are using an old operating system or browser — our site is designed to run best in the Windows 2000 sp4, Windows XP sp2, and Windows Vista operating systems, and in the following browsers: Internet Explorer - Version 6 and higher, Firefox 2.x, Opera 9.x, and Chrome.

To view a video lesson on a slow internet connection, press Pause after the video begins to download and wait several minutes while part of the material loads to your computer's memory. Then continue watching by pressing Play.


Can I download material from the site?

This function is currently in the development stage and will be added to the site in the near future.

We invite you to participate in our project and we welcome all suggestions!

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